torstai 14. huhtikuuta 2011

We Butter the Bread with Butter - Der Tag an Dem Die Welt Unterging (2010)

WBTBWB is a German deathcore/metalcore/fun metal band. It's music consists of catchy Synthesizer melodias, brutal metal breakdowns, and of course screamo vocals and pig squels. WBTBWB is a very unique styled band and i cant even call one band that sound anything like WBTBWB.

Der Tag an Dem Die Welt Unterging consists of  15 epic and innovative tracks that really gets you after few listens. This songs are so catchy, that you must listen them over and over again.
WBTBWB's second album is much better than the debut onem with more intelligent riffs and better mixing this album is the best WBTBWB can offer. There's really something unexplainable in the album. It's like a mix of the best pop melodies and brutal breakdowns with really unique screamo. Album kicks off with intro, and the song that carries the album's name comes second. "Der Tag an Dem Die Welt Unterging" starts pretty simple melodies, but when the song goes on it builds up with massive epic melodies and breakdowns and comes down as a really great song. Third song  "Oh mama mach Kartoffelsala" is a bluesy style song and its really great going at some party or something. Fourth isnt, that ood song but it goes well with between two great songs. "Superföhn Bananendate" is closest to a a pop song or some techno song, and with its catchy tunes and epic guitar riffs, its really a great song.  "Sixth song isn't nothing special. A going song, and little brutal than others. Seventh song "Glühwürmchen" got some nice guitar riffs and great guitar playing with epic techno pop melodies. "Der Kleine vampir" Is really a pop song that is about Little Dancing Vampire, isnt that cute.. Epic song still. Few songs passed comes, "Wir gehen an land" which got some nice piq squels and really circus type melodies, you should check this. Then "Mein Baumhaus" Best song in this album, in my opinion, its got everything, breakdowns, catchy melodies, guitar riffs and everything. Last song is called "Das Ende" you can hear the end part in the breakdown, it's really sloooooow.

Rating: 5/5 stars

1. Der Anfang Vom Ende
2. Der Tag An Dem Die Welt Unterging
3. Oh Mama Mach Kartoffelsalat
4. Alptraumsong
5. Superfhn Bananendate
6. 3008
7. Glhwrmchen
8. Sabine Die Zeitmaschine
9. Der Kleine Vampir
10. 13 Wnsche
11. Schiff Ahoi
12. Wir Gehen An Land
13. Mein Baumhaus
14. Feueralarm
15. Das Ende

perjantai 8. huhtikuuta 2011

Veil of maya - [id] (2010)

Veil of maya is an American progressive deathcore band, which has released three full-leght albums. Two of those were released through Sumerian Records. (Which has also released albums of bands like Born of osiris, After the burial and Faceless.) But let's focus on this album now.

At first, this album was some kind of shock to me. The previous album ''The common man's collapse'' was just a pure perfection and expectations for ''[id]'' were very high. When i finally got this album and listened to it, i felt disappointed. The previous album just sounded better and I found nothing new on this album. So, I decided not to listen to it. I was wrong, because it just needed a few more listens to sound good.

First there's an intro, which is not even good. But then comes the first song ''Unbreakable'', which is a quite good song, I think. There are some good guitar riffs and energetic breakdowns. Then comes ''Dark passenger'', which is not so good song, in my opinion. it's a bit boring, but I really like that peaceful bridge in the middle of this song. Next song is ''The highler''. It's very energetic song and shows Veil of Maya's faster side. ''Martyrs'' and ''Circle'' are just lame. Both of them are only a breakdowns without vocals and that just doesnt work. ''Resistance'' is a quite normal Veil of maya song. ''Mowgli'' consists of one good and a few worse guitar riffs being a bit boring song, likewise ''Namaste''. ''Conquer'' is one of the best songs on ''[id]''. I just can't say anything bad about it. The last song is ''Codex'' and I really can say, this is the best song Veil of maya have ever made. Lenght is perfect (three and half minute), The main riff kicks ass and you can listen to it over and over again without getting enough of it.

This was one of the best albums last year and I really recommend every deathcore fans to listen to this. Listening to ''[id]'' is such an experience, you can't find anywhere else. So I wish you nice listening moments!

Rating: 4/5


1. [id]

2. Unbreakable

3. Dark passenger

4. The highler

5. Martyrs

6. Resistance

7. Circle

8. Mowgli

9. Namaste

10. Conquer

11. Codex

tiistai 5. huhtikuuta 2011

Circle Of Contempt - Artifacts in Motion (2009)

Circle of Contempt's debut album "Artifacts in Motion" is extremely good debut. It has some songs remastered from CoC's previous Demo's and Ep's, and of course new songs. CoC plays progressive deathcore, and mostly riffs are atleast breakdown styled. Coc's music is also very technical and really random, with many tempo changes/time signature changes. CoC's lyrics are bit strange and very deep, you might say. Now to the album.

Artifacts in Motion starts with the song "Color lines", which was their debut EP's title. And "Color lines is remastered from the EP. "Color lines sounded better in their EP, in my opinion, but the bass kicks are much stronger and better in the album so i suggest you check both versions and decide afterwards which one do you like the best. It's a great song and so progressive and technical that you must listen it many times, before you fully get it and the idea. Second song "Nothing imminent" is also remastered from the EP. Nothing imminent is solid CoC song, with epic solo at the end. very brutal and technical playing with epic guitar riffs and especially breakdowns.
  Third song carries the name of the album. "Artifacts in motion". It's a little less brutal and technical than the 2 first ones. But it gives the album some new listeners. Nice riffs and catchy breakdowns. 4th song is "Concealed" which is the only song that has gotten a music video. It's also one of the best songs in this album. And one of my personal favourites. "Concealed"'s breakdowns and the chorus with awesomely done clean vocals, is just something insanely epic. It's just so great song.

  5th song is "Remnants left". its much slower than the other songs and bit boring, in my opinion. Never gotten really into this song but, it has its moments.6th song "C.o.C" is also a remaster, and the remastering is done way better on this one, that was it in "Color lines". "C.o.C" is also one of my favourite songs. Its very technical and the changing between slow and fast parts are just dynamite.  "Prelude for the implication" is instrumental, and i've got really nothing to say about this one, you may like it, or not. "Pendulum swing" is 8th song. its like brutal awesomeness, with extremely epic breakdowns and the chorus' riff  is very catchy and mellow. Check this song out. 9th song "A day for a night" Is also an epic song, with tempo changes, and with its extreme technicality. And of course its epic bass solos. "Zerohour" is a bit boring song with nothing special.
Last song "Scour the sharp side" is an amazing ending for this album, its very brutal but the ending is pure gold. 

Rating: 4,5/5 stars

Track list:

1. Color Lines
2. Nothing Imminent
3. Artifacts in Motion
4. Concealed
5. Remnants Left
6. C.O.C
7. Prelude for the Implication
8. The Pendulum Swing
9. A Day For Night
10. Zerohour
11. Scour The Sharpside

lauantai 2. huhtikuuta 2011

Suidakra - Book of dowth (2011)

Suidakra is a german melodic death/folk metal band. Suidakra was formed in 1994 and it has released 10 studio album over years. I have never really liked suidakra's music but maybe this album might change my view.

The first song is ''Over nine waves''. It starts with a some kind of bagpipe melody which lasts the whole song. This song is very annoying, in my opinion. The next song ''Dowth 2059'' is a better one. There's a few good guitar riffs and melody parts but nothing special. ''Battle- Cairns'' is the best song on this album. It starts with a majestic melody, which is still the only thing that makes me want to listen to this song to the end. Then comes the worst song ''Birog's Oath''. First there's only a female vocals sounding very irritating and then the other band comes up, but still keeping the quality low. Next song is ''Mag mell''. It's an acoustic song and gives a bit variation. ''The dark mound'' is just a song. I have nothing to mention about it. ''Balor'' is second really good song on this album. The acoutic intro is cool and the whole song is full of good ideas. ''Stone of the seven suns'' is a song that offers nothing special. ''Fury fomoraigh'' is just a fill up song. Just to make the album longer. ''Otherworlds collide'' is very nice acoustic song. It's very melancholic and sad ending.

This album was just like I expected. Nothing special. Only few good songs and lots of fill ups. I don't recommend this for anybody. I know this album will find it's audience but i'm not part of it.

Rating: 1,5/5


1. Over nine waves

2. Dowth 2059

3. Battle Cairns

4. Birog's oath

5. Mag mell

6. The dark mound

7. Balor

8. Stone of the seven suns

9. Fury fomoraigh

10. Otherworlds collide