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Mokoma - Sydänjuuret (2010)

Mokoma is a finnish death/thrash metal band. It was formed in Lappeenranta in 1996. They have released eight albums but the newest one Varjopuoli includes only the acoustic versions of some old songs. So this review consentrates on the second new album Sydänjuuret. It was released in 2010.

Sydänjuuret includes 11 songs of pure melodic thrash metal with finnish lyrics. The first song is Sydänjuuret and it's a good start with an attitude. Next song is Vastavirtaan. It is nothing special but the original Mokoma song. Then comes Ei kahta sanaa (ilman kolmatta). There is no growls on this song and personally I don't really like much Marko Annala's clean vocals so this song presents the weaker part of the album. Vääräleuka starts with a nice guitar intro. then comes a brutal verse with deep crowls and chorus with a nice vocal melody. Next comes the second best song of this album Kristuksen ruumis ja pedon pää. Even there's no growls on this song I really like the vocal melodies there. Then comes Niin hyville kuin pahoille. There's nothing special. It's a good song but it doesn't show anything new. Rautaa Rinnoista is a bit different kind of song. It starts with a bit folkish guitar melody and then comes a brutal verse and chorus etc.. Älä anna sille nimeä is a slower song. Almost the whole song is played with clean guitars and there's no growls except some screams in the end. I don't like this song at all. Kalmannäkijä is an original thrash song. Then comes Hei hei heinäkuu, which i have heard millions times on the radio and it really annoys me nowadays. I don't know what's wrong with this song but i just don't like it.  The last song is Turhuuksien turhuus which is definetely the best song on this album. It's brutal, it's melodic, lots of growls and nice guitar solo.

Sydänjuuret is the only Mokoma album that I like. But still there's a bit too much of songs that I don't like. This is a good start for me and Mokoma and who knows if their up coming album 180 astetta would be even better than this. But in the end I want to say that Sydänjuuret is a good album and if you like the other Mokoma albums, I quess you like Sydänjuuret.

Rating: 3/5 Stars


1. Sydänjuuret
2. Vastavirtaan
3. Ei kahta sanaa (ilman kolmatta)
4. Vääräleuka
5. Kristuksen ruumis ja pedon pää
6. Niin hyville kuin pahoille
7. Rautaa rinnoista
8. Älä anna sille nimeä
9. Kalmannäkijä
10. Hei hei heinäkuu
11. Turhuuksien Turhuus 


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