torstai 11. lokakuuta 2012

Wintersun - Wintersun (2004)

Wintersun is a finnish melodic death metal/folk metal band formed in 2004. All wintersun's music is composed by ex-ensiferum guitarist/vocalist Jari Mäenpää. Wintersun has released only one album called Wintersun. Now is a good time to make review consentrating on this album 'cause Wintersun is going to release its brand new album Time in a few weeks.

The album starts with a song called Beyond the Dark Sun. It is a short only two and a half minutes long ass-kicking song. Winter Madness is a second song. It's full of good folkish melodies, blast beats, choirs and technical guitar playing. Then comes Sleeping Stars. It's a beautiful slowdown-song. I really liked this song and the lyrics fit perfectly to this song. Battle Against Time Is again fast blast beat song. It sounds very much like the old Ensiferum. Next song is Death And Healing. In my opinion this is clearly the best song on this album. Death And Healing is a middle tempo song with beautiful melodies, clean vocals and very nice guitar solo. Next comes Starchild. I don't really like this song. In my opinion the melodies are a bit too happy. I'd have liked to hear something more melancholly. Beautiful Death is a good song. It has many different parts. Some places it sounds very brutal and some places very beautiful. Sadness and hate is over ten minutes long masterpeace that starts with an acoustic folkish intro and grows to an epic melodic folk metal perfection.

It is hard to say what genre this album represents but according to Jari Mäenpää let's say it's some kind of ”Extreme Majestic Technical Epic Melodic Metal”. The playing in Wintersun is very technical on guitars and drums but Kai Hahto (drummer) and Jari mäenpää have done everything perfectly. Jari Mäenpää's singing is also very technical. He has a wide scale of different voices. high and low cleans and growls and everything. I must say his very talented musician. I think that every fans of the first two Ensiferum albums would like this Wintersun's debut. This is very similar to those two, but more technical of course. Now we just have to wait a few more days for Wintersun's up-coming album which is finally going to be released after many delays...

Rating 3,5/5


1. Beyond the Dark Sun
2.Winter Madness
3. Sleeping Stars
4.Battle Against Time
5. Death And Healing
6. Starchild
7.Beautiful Death
8. Sadness and Hate