tiistai 20. marraskuuta 2012

Mokoma - 180 astetta (2012)

Mokoma is a finnish trash/death metal band from Lappeenranta. Mokoma has been around for several years and released its first album at 1999, and the genre was something more rock styled at the beginning than these days. Mokoma has been touring Finland a lot and slowly got a big part of the finnish metal scene.

I had high hopes for thisd album and I never would have never imaged the come like this. Its a pop album with few not so good basic Mokomas songs. Marko Annala said in an interview that the band has finally learned how to make pop. I was like WHAT?! POP?1, are you fucking kidding me!? Ye well the first single Valkoista kohinaa was far away from pop, except that the singing style sounded a bit rap styled, but still with a deep growl. Hard to explai, listen to yuorself.

180 astetta had kinda mixed basis with the interview telling other and the fisrt single other. But when the second song was released "Punamultaa" it kinda sealed the albums faith. Well atleast i didnt like the song much, it was kinda overusing again the old Mokomas slow styled songs triks and kicks. The melodies were nothing special and the feeling was kinda lame. Punamultaa`s only good thing was the lyrics, which i would like to have heard in a better song. Nevertheless when i got the album i listened it through and had really bad feelings about the album. I thought, maybe its better if I listen to it few more times. But NO it keeped getting worse and worse. Ye you might predict what happened next, i stopped listening.

Well finally to the actual album. The songs are mostly slow Mokoma styled metal songs, and I personally think that most of them are nothing, you listen to them once you listen to them twice. You got nothing, nothing there wants you to listen the song again no cathcy parts no epic melodies, no epic brutality, which they once had. There are some basic Mokomas more agressive styled songs, but no they cant even do these right. Well thats just my opinion and you can maybe find more from this album when you listen them you self but i really cant even tell the name of the songs because theres nothing much that would caught my attention. So im not gona differ the songs much.

Sorry for the rude text if you like the album, i just dont.

Rating: 1/5 stars


1 Uusi aamu
2 Valkoista kohinaa
3 Punamultaa
4 Uskalla elää
5 Ajan hermo
6 Kuinka kävi näin
7 Ihmisenpyörä
8 Kuollut, kuolleempi, kuollein
9 Virsi n:o 5
10 Illan henki
11 Vapaa