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The Order of Elijah - Accession (2012)

Style: Progressive deathcore

The Order of Elijah plays progressive deathcore with some beautiful melodic deathmetal melodies with electronic vibes and combines them with brutal deathcore style riffs, which are breakdown based of course...

  Accession is their newest and only album full of breakdowns, blast beats, super fast double pedal kicks and somewhat electronic sounds/melodies. Album starts with an intro Conquer which is nothing special, and doesnt give really anything about the album, basicly the style is noticable, and its pretty basic deathcore. The basics turn to something much better when the next song comes up with guitar melodies and riffs, that are pretty fresh style in the modern deathcore scene thats has been in the same style for atleast two years, and if you dont name few specialcases the outcome from the most modern deathcore bands sound exaclty the same. I`m not saying that this album really is the "one" that changes everything, but i thinks its going to the right direction with the melodic death metal styled riffs combined with deathcore, this has been done before but its done right in this album time to time.I might have wanted some more of this style, but it gets lost in the midst of the album. Shame.

  Theres something else that this album lacks, you can hear it from the second song to go trough the whole album, diversity. Especially listening to the drums the beats are sounding amazingly same in lots of the songs. Ye i know the breakdown is really limited when it comes to drum playing, but still some fresh way of hitting the drums there would have sounded cool. It starts to get bit boring in the middle section of the songs, the same old blast beat, with nothing new is kinda heard. Sorry. I like blast beats but you really need to use it exclusively, to make it sound perfect. It get`s kinda dull, if you hear the pattern blast beat->breakdown->blast beat->breakdown going true the song everytime. The growling and screaming isnt anything special either, usually when i listen to this kinda music i really care about how does the vocals come out, but with this one i really didnt notice anything special, not good, but not bad either.

  From the fifht song called Sticthes the album gets more and more brutal with slow breakdowns and slow riffs, i like the "slow brutal killer breakdown riffs" if it is done with good taste and with really thinking the breakdowns and not just putting hits hear and there. Well i cant say wheter have they being thinking, but its nothing special and not even close to excelence. In song Nails Over the Duct tape is a part where they really is trying to sound like emmure or not, but still the out of tune singing is one of Emmure`s signatures...

  The album has it`s moments and it really promises a lot with the intros, but the rest really lacks the "exceptional deathcore" You can hear many deathcore bands if you listen closely, mostly probably "As Blood Runs Black". That kinda synopsis the album It`s nothing special, but does the basic of the deathcore atleast decent. The best songs are the second and the third listen to them, and you have pretty much heard the whole album. If you like them you may like the rest, but i cant promise that, so find out yourself!

Rating 2.5/5 Stars

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