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All Shall Perish - The Price of Existence (2006)

All shall perish is an American deathcore band from California. It is formed in 2002. All shall perish has released three albums through Nuclear Blast. They are also going to release their fourth album this year. While waiting that, let's concentrate on their second album The Price of Existence.

All shall perish plays a quite brutal deathcore. There're fast death metal riffs and slow breikdowns, superfast blast beats and beautiful syntesizers mixed with cruel and brutal vocals.

First track is ''Eradication'', which is a quite natural ASP song. Full of pig squeals, blast beats and death metal riffs, being nothing exceptional. Next comes ''Wage slaves''. It's just something you must hear if you're into deathcore. The intro riff is just so brutal and the cowbell fits there perfectly. This is one of the best songs in this album. ''A day of justice'' is a good song too but after a pure start it goes quite boring. "There Is No Business to Be Done On A Dead Planet" comes next being a pure perfection. In this song everything is like I want it to be. Vocals are very diverse and the musicians handles their jobs perfectly. "Better Living Through Catastrophe" is a quite good song but nothing special. "Prisoner of War" is the best song in this album, in my opinion. After a beautiful synthesizer intro, comes a nice breikdown with a good guitar melody. I really like all the guitar riffs in this song. Especially those scruffy ones. There's also a nice guitar solo in the latter part of the song. ''Greyson'' is an acoustic song. In my opinion, this is the worst song in this album. But it calms the atmosphere nicely before the last four songs. "We Hold These Truths...." is a very good song. Nice melodies, riffs and vocals. ''The True Beast'' is not so good as the first scream makes you think. After a good intro it goes a bit boring, despite of the diverse vocals. ''Promises'' is not so good either. There're nothing to make you wanna' listen it again. ''The last relapse'' is the last song and in my opinion, this is not a good ending for this album, which is mostly sterling. The last relapse is a boring song and those clean vocals just doesn't fit in this song and the album.

The Price of Existence is mostly a very good deathcore album. It has everything that needed to be a good album, but still there're a few weaker songs ruining the atmospere. Hopefully the newest album will be even better.

Rating: 3,5/5

  1. "Eradication"
  2. "Wage Slaves"
  3. "The Day of Justice"
  4. "There Is No Business to Be Done On A Dead Planet"
  5. "Better Living Through Catastrophe"
  6. "Prisoner of War"
  7. "Greyson"
  8. "We Hold These Truths...."
  9. "The True Beast"
  10. "Promises"
  11. "The Last Relapse"

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