torstai 14. huhtikuuta 2011

We Butter the Bread with Butter - Der Tag an Dem Die Welt Unterging (2010)

WBTBWB is a German deathcore/metalcore/fun metal band. It's music consists of catchy Synthesizer melodias, brutal metal breakdowns, and of course screamo vocals and pig squels. WBTBWB is a very unique styled band and i cant even call one band that sound anything like WBTBWB.

Der Tag an Dem Die Welt Unterging consists of  15 epic and innovative tracks that really gets you after few listens. This songs are so catchy, that you must listen them over and over again.
WBTBWB's second album is much better than the debut onem with more intelligent riffs and better mixing this album is the best WBTBWB can offer. There's really something unexplainable in the album. It's like a mix of the best pop melodies and brutal breakdowns with really unique screamo. Album kicks off with intro, and the song that carries the album's name comes second. "Der Tag an Dem Die Welt Unterging" starts pretty simple melodies, but when the song goes on it builds up with massive epic melodies and breakdowns and comes down as a really great song. Third song  "Oh mama mach Kartoffelsala" is a bluesy style song and its really great going at some party or something. Fourth isnt, that ood song but it goes well with between two great songs. "Superföhn Bananendate" is closest to a a pop song or some techno song, and with its catchy tunes and epic guitar riffs, its really a great song.  "Sixth song isn't nothing special. A going song, and little brutal than others. Seventh song "Glühwürmchen" got some nice guitar riffs and great guitar playing with epic techno pop melodies. "Der Kleine vampir" Is really a pop song that is about Little Dancing Vampire, isnt that cute.. Epic song still. Few songs passed comes, "Wir gehen an land" which got some nice piq squels and really circus type melodies, you should check this. Then "Mein Baumhaus" Best song in this album, in my opinion, its got everything, breakdowns, catchy melodies, guitar riffs and everything. Last song is called "Das Ende" you can hear the end part in the breakdown, it's really sloooooow.

Rating: 5/5 stars

1. Der Anfang Vom Ende
2. Der Tag An Dem Die Welt Unterging
3. Oh Mama Mach Kartoffelsalat
4. Alptraumsong
5. Superfhn Bananendate
6. 3008
7. Glhwrmchen
8. Sabine Die Zeitmaschine
9. Der Kleine Vampir
10. 13 Wnsche
11. Schiff Ahoi
12. Wir Gehen An Land
13. Mein Baumhaus
14. Feueralarm
15. Das Ende

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  1. That song was actually better than I expected. Don't usually like this kind of music so much.