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Circle Of Contempt - Artifacts in Motion (2009)

Circle of Contempt's debut album "Artifacts in Motion" is extremely good debut. It has some songs remastered from CoC's previous Demo's and Ep's, and of course new songs. CoC plays progressive deathcore, and mostly riffs are atleast breakdown styled. Coc's music is also very technical and really random, with many tempo changes/time signature changes. CoC's lyrics are bit strange and very deep, you might say. Now to the album.

Artifacts in Motion starts with the song "Color lines", which was their debut EP's title. And "Color lines is remastered from the EP. "Color lines sounded better in their EP, in my opinion, but the bass kicks are much stronger and better in the album so i suggest you check both versions and decide afterwards which one do you like the best. It's a great song and so progressive and technical that you must listen it many times, before you fully get it and the idea. Second song "Nothing imminent" is also remastered from the EP. Nothing imminent is solid CoC song, with epic solo at the end. very brutal and technical playing with epic guitar riffs and especially breakdowns.
  Third song carries the name of the album. "Artifacts in motion". It's a little less brutal and technical than the 2 first ones. But it gives the album some new listeners. Nice riffs and catchy breakdowns. 4th song is "Concealed" which is the only song that has gotten a music video. It's also one of the best songs in this album. And one of my personal favourites. "Concealed"'s breakdowns and the chorus with awesomely done clean vocals, is just something insanely epic. It's just so great song.

  5th song is "Remnants left". its much slower than the other songs and bit boring, in my opinion. Never gotten really into this song but, it has its moments.6th song "C.o.C" is also a remaster, and the remastering is done way better on this one, that was it in "Color lines". "C.o.C" is also one of my favourite songs. Its very technical and the changing between slow and fast parts are just dynamite.  "Prelude for the implication" is instrumental, and i've got really nothing to say about this one, you may like it, or not. "Pendulum swing" is 8th song. its like brutal awesomeness, with extremely epic breakdowns and the chorus' riff  is very catchy and mellow. Check this song out. 9th song "A day for a night" Is also an epic song, with tempo changes, and with its extreme technicality. And of course its epic bass solos. "Zerohour" is a bit boring song with nothing special.
Last song "Scour the sharp side" is an amazing ending for this album, its very brutal but the ending is pure gold. 

Rating: 4,5/5 stars

Track list:

1. Color Lines
2. Nothing Imminent
3. Artifacts in Motion
4. Concealed
5. Remnants Left
6. C.O.C
7. Prelude for the Implication
8. The Pendulum Swing
9. A Day For Night
10. Zerohour
11. Scour The Sharpside

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