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Suidakra - Book of dowth (2011)

Suidakra is a german melodic death/folk metal band. Suidakra was formed in 1994 and it has released 10 studio album over years. I have never really liked suidakra's music but maybe this album might change my view.

The first song is ''Over nine waves''. It starts with a some kind of bagpipe melody which lasts the whole song. This song is very annoying, in my opinion. The next song ''Dowth 2059'' is a better one. There's a few good guitar riffs and melody parts but nothing special. ''Battle- Cairns'' is the best song on this album. It starts with a majestic melody, which is still the only thing that makes me want to listen to this song to the end. Then comes the worst song ''Birog's Oath''. First there's only a female vocals sounding very irritating and then the other band comes up, but still keeping the quality low. Next song is ''Mag mell''. It's an acoustic song and gives a bit variation. ''The dark mound'' is just a song. I have nothing to mention about it. ''Balor'' is second really good song on this album. The acoutic intro is cool and the whole song is full of good ideas. ''Stone of the seven suns'' is a song that offers nothing special. ''Fury fomoraigh'' is just a fill up song. Just to make the album longer. ''Otherworlds collide'' is very nice acoustic song. It's very melancholic and sad ending.

This album was just like I expected. Nothing special. Only few good songs and lots of fill ups. I don't recommend this for anybody. I know this album will find it's audience but i'm not part of it.

Rating: 1,5/5


1. Over nine waves

2. Dowth 2059

3. Battle Cairns

4. Birog's oath

5. Mag mell

6. The dark mound

7. Balor

8. Stone of the seven suns

9. Fury fomoraigh

10. Otherworlds collide

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