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Veil of maya - [id] (2010)

Veil of maya is an American progressive deathcore band, which has released three full-leght albums. Two of those were released through Sumerian Records. (Which has also released albums of bands like Born of osiris, After the burial and Faceless.) But let's focus on this album now.

At first, this album was some kind of shock to me. The previous album ''The common man's collapse'' was just a pure perfection and expectations for ''[id]'' were very high. When i finally got this album and listened to it, i felt disappointed. The previous album just sounded better and I found nothing new on this album. So, I decided not to listen to it. I was wrong, because it just needed a few more listens to sound good.

First there's an intro, which is not even good. But then comes the first song ''Unbreakable'', which is a quite good song, I think. There are some good guitar riffs and energetic breakdowns. Then comes ''Dark passenger'', which is not so good song, in my opinion. it's a bit boring, but I really like that peaceful bridge in the middle of this song. Next song is ''The highler''. It's very energetic song and shows Veil of Maya's faster side. ''Martyrs'' and ''Circle'' are just lame. Both of them are only a breakdowns without vocals and that just doesnt work. ''Resistance'' is a quite normal Veil of maya song. ''Mowgli'' consists of one good and a few worse guitar riffs being a bit boring song, likewise ''Namaste''. ''Conquer'' is one of the best songs on ''[id]''. I just can't say anything bad about it. The last song is ''Codex'' and I really can say, this is the best song Veil of maya have ever made. Lenght is perfect (three and half minute), The main riff kicks ass and you can listen to it over and over again without getting enough of it.

This was one of the best albums last year and I really recommend every deathcore fans to listen to this. Listening to ''[id]'' is such an experience, you can't find anywhere else. So I wish you nice listening moments!

Rating: 4/5


1. [id]

2. Unbreakable

3. Dark passenger

4. The highler

5. Martyrs

6. Resistance

7. Circle

8. Mowgli

9. Namaste

10. Conquer

11. Codex

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