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Children of Bodom - Relentless Reckless Forever (2011)

The new hyped COB album is here. Children of Bodom was one of my personal favourites years ago when the new unique styled band Children of Bodom, were nothing more than an underground band. COB released epic album like "Follow the Reaper" and "Hatebreeder". Those albums were very melodic, and intense albums with classical glances. Now COB has released their seventh album, and it really disappointed me.

'Relentless Reckless Forever" begins with a song called "Not my funeral", which is kinda the best that this album can offer. It starts with a bit boring riff, but the chorus is the best one in this album. It's really melodic and innovative. Rest of the song is nothing special, just some typical later Bodom styled riffs and stuff. Alexi's vocals have gone, in my opinion, more bad every album. You can hear it from the first song too. Drums in this album are much more weaker sounding than in Blooddrunk, which had too powerful sounding bass drum. Now the bass drum kicks are too weak. That makes the bass drum sound like tom, and when the drummer has lost he's wanting to showoff, theres nearly nothing virtuoso like in the drumming section.

  Second song "Shovel Knockout" has it good parts, but nothing special. It's bit more fast and intense than others. It has some nice riffs and nice guitar playing, but the entirety stays kinda bad. And there's nothing, that gets stuck in to your head. Third song "Roundtrip to Hell" is the album slowest and most beautiful song. It has its good parts too, but nothing really special compared to other COB's slower songs like "Everytime i die". Next song "Pussyfoot Miss Suicide" is just a filler and nothing to say about it, nothings is really good in it.

  The next one is the one carrying the album's name. "Relentless Reckless Forever" is just normal Bodom song with no epic melodies nor guitar playing. just a bit catchy chorus. Ugly is just another filler, just to get the album 8th tracks long. "Cry of the Nihiilst" is one of the best songs in this album. Some new unique riffs and nice melodies. It's a bit shame that the chorus sounds exactly like "Blooddrunk"'s "Tie my rope". When your listening the chorus it starts really bugging you. "Was it Worth?" is the next song, the "radio friendly one", which every mainstream metal bands have to have in their albums. It's really bad song too, in my opinion. And it's shame that COB started to make "pop-songs" for money.  Last song "Northpole throwdown. isnt really even worth mentioning. And really this album asks "Was it Worth it?", well it wasn't.

Rating: 1/5 stars

1. 'Not My Funeral'
2. 'Shovel Knockout'
3. 'Roundtrip to Hell and Back
4. 'Pussyfoot Miss Suicide'
5. 'Relentless Reckless Forever'
6. 'Ugly'
7. 'Cry of the Nihilist'
8. 'Was It Worth It?'
9. 'Northpole Throwdown'
10. 'Party All the Time' (Eddie Murphy cover)

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