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As Blood Runs Black - The Instict (2011)

  The new and only second ABRB's album is really a solid performance by these gentlemen. ABRB's first album Allegiance had epic riffs and technical playing with nice metalcore glances. First album fell with the similarity of the songs. If you would listen the whole album through, you'd heard the same kinda riffs in nearly all songs. The Insticts riffs arent anything like Allegiance's, but the same problem shows up after listening few songs. Once again the album riffs are solid and nice to hear, but the same kind riffs goes through the whole album. It's kinda a random element in this album, you can listen it, but you wont propably recognize when the song changes. (There's some few instrumental and easy going songs that you will notice, but after all its the same riffs all over again)

  The album isnt bad, it's solid like I've said before, but in my opinion it needs more diversity in the riffs. Theres really no song that stucks in to your head after listening, you can nearly listen any song, and its all good. Depends lots of how you like to listen music, and you like this style, making a few epic riffs and then with few changes using it in the whole album. It's very effective when your making an album and fear that theres some fill up songs that no-one listen, but those songs could be the thing that seperates the songs from the masses. This one's got more epic vocals in my opinion though, and the whole vocal presence is improved compared to the last album.

  I gotta admit i liked the first album better, the "good riffs" were better in the first album, but suit yourself. It's worth listening allright.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

01. Triumph
02. Legacy
03. Resist
04. Angel City Gamble
05. Reborn
06. Tribulations
07. Divided
08. King of Thieves
09. In Honor
10. Echoes of an Era
11. Instinct

Here's the second song titled: Legacy


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