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Beyond Creation - The aura (2011)

Okey.. Beyond Creation has soon released their first full-lenght album and it contains 10 tracks. First I must say this album is something I've never heard before. If you like technical death metal or some kind of death metal with some melodic elements, you will love this album. I'm sure there will be people, who say that technical death metal is only overtechnical shit, but they aren't right.

My first feelings about this album were, that this cannot be true. But it still is...All musicians has done their jobs as carefully as they could. There's no mistakes on this album. Only success.

What can I say about these 10 tracks? The album starts with the song ''No request for the corrupted'' (which maybe contains the most epic bass playing, I've ever heard.) In this song guitarists show their skills too. Next track is ''Co Existance'', which is very good song too. The acoustic part on this song, gives a bit alternation between more brutal parts. ''Chromatic horizons'' is very short, under two minutes long instrumental track, but it still contains everything that is needed. ''Omnipresent perception'' shows that Beyond Creation can handle breakdowns too. I'm still amazed by the blastbeat on this song...''Injustice revealed'', ''Social disability'' and ''Le detenteur'' are good songs too, but nothing special compared to other songs. ''The Aura'' starts with a beautiful bass intro. This is maybe the most melodic song of these 10, but still stays in the brutal area. Last two songs ''Elevation path'' and ''The deported'' together create an epic, almost 13 minutes long track, that i can only admire.. ''Elevation path'' is a short acoustic song. It's a bit like Santana's ''Black magic woman'' and it's a very good opening for the last song. ''The deported" is just a pure perfection, without any boring parts. I just never get fed up with it...

I really recommend this album for every tech-death fans. You won't be disappointed. This too unknown band consists of four very, very talented guys and I'm sure that we will hear about them in the future.

Rating: 4/5


1. No request for the corrupted
2. Coexistence
3. Chromatic horizon
4. Omnipresent
5. Injustice revealed
6. Le detenteur
7. The Aura
8. Social disability
9. Elevation path
10. The deported

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