tiistai 22. maaliskuuta 2011

Obscura - Omnivium (2011)

One of the technical death metal pioneers have released it's third album called ''Omnivium'' and expectations for this album were pretty high after their previous masterpiece ''Cosmogenesis''. However, Obscura proved that it's able to reform itself and released an even more epic album than ''Cosmogenesis'' was.

Omnivium includes nine epic and mystical tracks. The first song ''Septuagint'' starts with a beautiful acoustic intro and after that, Obscura shows that it still knows how to give people a satisfying listening experience. Next song ''Vortex Omnivium'' is a great song too. It's a bit like new ''Anticosmic overload'' with it's fast blast beats and technical guitar riffs. There is still few songs, that were not so good than the other ones. For example the song ''Ocean gateways'' is a bit boring, maybe because of it's slow tempo and simple guitar work. Songs ''Prismal dawn'' and ''Velocity'' are very good examples of true masterpieces. ''Prismal Dawn'' combines a beautiful melody and brutality with an exellent way.You really must listen it over and over again, once you've heard it. ''Velocity'' is a very fresh song. It involves slower and faster parts with growling and clean vocals, and of course Velocity contains one of the most epic guitar solo of all time. In my opinion the clean vocals on this album were not so good at first, but after a few listening times you'll get used to them. There were some similarities in guitar solos compared to ''Cosmogenesis'', but still ''Omnivium'' is one of the best albums, that has been released this year. Its actually the best Obscura album for now.

Rating: 4,5/5 stars


1. Septuagint
2. Vortex Omnivium
3. Ocean Gateways
4. Euclidean Elements
5. Prismal Dawn
6. Celestial Spheres
7. Velocity
8. Transcendental Serenade
9. Aevum

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  1. I love technical death metal, hadn't heard of them before. :O Great stuff, followed.

  2. Cant believe i never heard of this band. Now i have to get their album :)

  3. obscura is one of the better ones in my opinion

  4. Yeah...It's still too unkown band.. :(